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Our water purification solutions include water purifiers from world-renowned manufacturers as well as serviceable parts. We also provide water purifier maintenance & servicing, which includes water filter replacement, cartridges and units. Our technicians are well trained and are experienced in installation of water purifiers of various types as well as servicing and repair of water filteration systems.

Experts in water Purifying Solutions

The health of your family depends a lot on the water they drink. A World Health Organization report indicates that 80% of all diseases are waterborne. Our high quality UV & RO water purifiers provides your family with pure safe and crystal clear drinking water, so with water filters you are actually protecting them from dangerous waterborne diseases in Kenya.

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We Offer Different Services
  • Separation and Concentration solutions
  • Laboratory tests
  • Water Treatment Maintenance
  • Client Support
  • Inspection & Optimalisation
  • Water Treatment Installation
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